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At first I just chalked up the repetitive seemingly impossible bad beats to just plain bad luck. Case in point: Each time my tournament life had been on the line when having the best hand ( pre- flop) and shoving all in, my hand would lose. I' m no expert but I think PokerStars is rigged ( at least on occasion). While I enjoy the game in theory, this site ( poker stars) I have come to the conclusion that it is a scam. Pokerstars is rigged - they should prove it' s not, rather than us have to prove it is. I have studied statistics full time for nearly one year in the university and passed my exams so I know this site is bull. Data Analysis and Breach of Privacy. By Fenny on PokerStars Review.
Amaya increased the rake at PokerStars in late. Each one, opening hand i get dealt pocket Kings. I always have the same feelings about russians : p but they are just lucky scumbags, and very good players most of them live in a small village without any working place around. Looking at the commemts is like seeing my own thoughts this guy kept beating everyone one night no matter what cards they had I dont know why I tried pushing all in against him but I lost. I played the money tables at first started to win at the start and then I would get rivered every hand. Sure would be convenient if I wasn' t bad, and it was just rigged. Lets agree that you will still play on 1 table at the time, against 8 other players and that you have to most probably play me amount of hands ( maybe not but it doesnt really is sure that online game will go much faster but it is still factor of hands which remains my example there is pattern of ACTION FLOPS. If you wanna win and not go having to post your " bad beat" stories on the internet so you don' t have to feel so bad at night then it' s time to start studying. After I went through this, I found out nothing extraordinary, all ok with maths. Most common AA ( holding) to only lose to 8- 3 or some ridiculous cards, with the dagger coming on the River. Now I have won a few big tourneys that I am very proud of eg Their weekly bronze freeroll. This is the only reason I play any more.

This settlement allowed PokerStars to return to the U. Finally MY turn I thinked. So I guess the deck is rigged AND something in the software give u bad situations when u have OK VPIP and play ok. But when I play cent or dollar cash games on pokerstars, most of the time no one ever says anything, it feels like totally bereft of human interaction or even thinking. And I' ve NEVER seen the kind of miracles that I see at PS every other hand almost.

What am i doing here. Does PokerStars Cheat Players Today played 3 tournments. You post specific hands, and I have more bad beats a day than all hands written here combined, it makes no sense to post individual hands. Well turns out it is now worse from what I can tell. Of course if you are losing you will rather blame others, software, phase of the moon or n your own stats from hand history, people tend to forget when they win as favourites but remembering losts against the odds. The fact is that if you are winning, you are stronger and would rather linger - that is if you were human. I have so many seemingly impossible UNREAL bad- beats on Poker Star ( REPEAT INCIDENTS OF SAME TYPE HANDS LOSING IN SAME WAY) that until now I' m still mind boggled and trying to make sense of it all. I did it as well, they will send you your hand history, so if you have time and are willing to put some effort, go on. The new boss likes to make money this way and that' s it, as long as the promotions go more fishes like me will come along, yes I am a fish because I wanted to learn more about this beautiful game, I' m still gonna do it yet in a different place than PS PEACE ps I was a casino dealer once so I' m prеtty sure I know what I' m talking about. When i finally got fed up, contacted by credit card conpany and asked them to dispute it and they informed me its too late, the 3 month grace period has expired. Do you have made the same seems Pokerstars goes this way to scam: a) As often as you play, as more days in a week, as more bad bets get you in important situations/ with bigger stacks ( PS thinks, he is playing often, he is poker addicted and will come back regardless how many bad bets we give him) b) When you pay in new money immediately after your bankroll is gone, your bad bets will stay on a high level c) If you play a new format, e. Now, even if you consider there are thousands of hands being delt every second, there is still no chance in the world for this to happen to a single one can really claim that the site is rigged, but there is really no quality assurance to make sure it isn' t. Players win a pot and soon after leave the room. How the miracle card turn up every fugging time for the bad player.

59 offsuit, 7 10 offsuit, and hitting or AA/ KK against 22, 33, 44 and we all know who wins. The company was one of the driving factors in the meteoric success of its young industry, and always offered strong security measures and customer support. But man pokerstars has a complete differwnt vibe to it. I think: Soon I have to not be taken out becauce of bad beats. You can mail me this, and i' ll check the patterns and know if its a human or a bot( wich seems unreasonable).

If you win one mmt you get like 300/ 1 your buyin. Strange coincidences How does that partment of Justice in opponent wins each time. 1) Didn' t get any notification about this frozen account 2) Login was most likely made by me, because I have been in that country several times 3) After five emails with support my account is still frozen and they won' t tell me when this suspected login happened even after asking several times. By Mark on PokerStars Review. I have later moved to plo, but it was impossible to continue winning after Amaya became the owner. By Minda on PokerStars Review. Each of those calls WON, 3 times against 88, one time against 33. What I can say is that after 4 years of profitable poker I do think it' s t only do I run something like 8bb/ 100 under EV, which is ridiculously high, I also run " bad" when EV is not calculated.
My account was frozen because " suspected hacking, logged on from foreign country". The frequency at which I loose to these hands, compared to how often I get them is outrageously unbalanced odds. I ended up making the final table on that tourney it had 30000 entrants. I shouldnt begin with it, but if you are good and want to do everything i mentioned above you can make money for sure @ pokerstars or any other site i prefer another site ps mostly good players. Having doubts all the way if PS is " fixed" I recently run the test. Pretty well 8 of 10 times I had a pocket pair, some one else at the table had happened so often that I really started wonder, is the site intentionally giving out pairs at the same time to get players to bet uld make sense where I was witnessing it ( cash games), because the more players bet, the more the rake takes.

Without luck you' re not gonna get anywhere. I always do well in live games but again I can not make a hand and if I do the most unusual things come up and beat me. When there' s a reason to CALL, you blem is, the way these boards come out, MANY call, increasing the RAKE on the table. Hello, I am not going to tell you how many ridiculous hands managed to beat me - you' d think that I am a sore loser.

Just lost 2k and im sad about it : - ). As for my winnings I have won around 3- 3. I also played 8- game at that time, and it was virtually impossible not to get sucked by the last card in studs and triple draw, when it is about 1/ 4th shot in reality.
One thing Ive always wondered to is if they can take 10 dollars why cant they give it back if you do s a one way street for your money,,, soon I will be finished with this site for good,,, but they are gonna win it from me 2cents at a time. It has got to the point I can call what will happen and its not me winning. They have 22 programmers and many of the players I talk to and some sophisticated software engineers/ programmers I know ensure me that the play money games are manipulated/ rigged. Of course it' s a scam. First off I used to grind Stars for a living back when it was in the USA. And their names don' t sound like anything a human would come up with. I' m fighting tooth and nail to get my money back, yet I don' t stand a chance really.

The rake for Texas Holdem is now 5. Not that weird I guess, some people do this. I could play 2 weeks at the bellagio and not get AA. On April 15,, the Department of Justice seized the domain name, along with fulltiltpoker. With the exception when they play me, they can do crazy stuff. Thats common sense No questions was ridiculous PokerStars is a scam.

Amount of players today is more less same and earnigs of PS will be more less same too and to get them higher they have make sure that they run as many tournaments they possibly can no. Stay away from this site. PokerStars realized it was breaking US law by continuing to accept US players and eventually abandoned the US market. Most people are playing many tables, if you play 20x5 and double all of them and decide to take a break, why not. By spannermonkey on PokerStars Review.

I don' t know what more I can say without turning this into a small novel. So i played play money and they cheat there my last 13 hands i had the overpair 13 times and wouldn' t you know it they hit 11 sets and 2 quads on me. Look at the " big" poker rooms in vegas LOL hahahahaha. Is Americas Cardroom Legit or a Scam.

Fish hitting their outs on river is just too damn high, you' re 80%, 85%, 90%. 100' s of tables running at the same time, with boards, BEGGING people to call or shove, only to have the pot split, or the other player sucks out. Minus their request of a statement showing my card number, after multiple attempts to explain to them its a debit card, affialited with my checking account, its not a credit card which displays the card number on the spite giving them over 10 other pieces of documentation, they just gave me the run around for 3 months, which is when i just asked for a refund and they stopped responding to my emails.

Is Ladbrokes Legit or a Scam. I' ve lived many years now from playing poker and yea its a tough way to make money, we pay too much rake and somethimes you take shots that dont work out well. So at the same time they need to get these players to play quickly so they subscribe to new tournament and pay another fee no.

The most concerning question about PokerStars is whether the service is rigged. Many of the players can' t be even looked up. Keep that in mind What are the odds. You can read the full email below:. I am NOT a poor player, by any means.

By WaveyDavey on PokerStars Review. To be moved at a table with the other huge stack in a tourney of 1300 people and to get KK against AA. Strait flush being beat by a better strait flush. Why PokerStars is a Scam. For that reason, it is very difficult to believe that PokerStars would rig games on a regular basis, and there is no concrete proof to suggest that PokerStars has done so.

By Goyim on PokerStars om rigged to obvious joke. Just over the last two days, I had AA three times in 50 hands ( yesterday) and twice in 20 hands today. The bad beats are all in favour of chip leaders in " all In situations" - the reason being the quicker they knock out players the quicker you start another tourney, thus providing a new hosting rake. The following statement is from above. I' ve played one Russian the entire night - not one time did he behave like a person, send a chat message etc. Since, PokerStars has been among the most prominent online poker brands.

You can be 8/ 2 favourite and lose 10 times in a row, doesnt happen often but once in a while it will happen. Other players have noted that they have lost 3, 4, 5 winning hands in a row to lower cards from other players and its a flush, a straight or two pair and I have to agree. Since there is so much money to be made rigged games, or hacking could very well explain the discrepancies and the awkwardness of the card distribution It feels like the opponent knows what card is coming on the board Being deep in a particular tournament with a siazable stack I had AA The pot was raised to 400 I reraisef to 1200 and the opponent went all in with a sizable stack He had 88 No one deep in a tournament with sizable stacks would ever do that I called the all in On the flop comes an 8 He must have known something that I didn’ t know ( which was the flop ) The prize for 1st place was significant This individual came in second for this tournament That’ s when I dumped pokerstars It was after going through this awkward distribution, thousands of hands that made no sense that I gave up I win consistently at live games ( against top notch players) I lose consistently at pokerstars Something is not right. I know the majority of " so- called professionals that made a career on this website are all of " Jewish" decent, which makes me think this is nothing but a Ponzi scheme and were all the goyim". If money goes from bad to good player directly, it will be withdrawn and pokerstars won' t get to make profit, if it' s played over and over again, pokerstars makes the most of profits, especially in trounaments. At pokerstars you get it every single day.

Middle of March I deposited $ 140, and roughly a week later I get an notice my account is frozen, and I need to email them. And one of my first hand at cash table vas AK. I tried to look him up and realized that he was playing at 12 tables simultaneously. The so called random generator does not seem to exist when I appear to be logged into P.
We have a saying, the name should be changed to River Stars. The company lost a lot of money and a significant portion of its customer base. Whether the person was bluffing on me with 33 earlier trying to get away with a bluff and getting EXTREMELY lucky in running 33 on the turn and river to pull off quads well OK I would accept that alot easier than accepting losing to a ROYAL FLUSH twice someone shoving all in needing a MIRACLE RIVER to save them losing twice with Quad Q' s an K' s. Thats why they get played that often there. I play live poker regularly with my friends, both cash game and tournaments. I' ve occasionally put $ 10 into PS - I play PERFECT LIMIT poker - yet, NEVER riously, I play ABSOLUTELY BY THE ODDS, YET NEVER WIN - ALWAYS OUTDRAWN BY IDIOTS. I bet and he calls. You wait and wait and move in call with AK when someone moves in with jack 7 and the board is jack jack xx 7.
But that' s no bot, that' s a program who keeps all the data and statistics. But ONE THING I KNOW is that if you PLAY the odds, YOU SHOULD WIN. Poker Stars mostly certainly is NOT rigged Poker Stars care about their players Poker Stars have high- level security systems Poker Stars have numerous support staff. Ridiculously bad customer service and terrible " detectives".

I have played for 47 years and refuse to keep adding money to this scam. How the preflop allins always ends in a hit and mostly in straights and full houses. Hands 3: MY KK vs TT.

There are other hands he won that he had no business winning, and I just can' t play this game anymore. PokerStars was guilty – and when online poker became legalized in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, with the potential of California coming next, some laws had a bad actor clause – which disallowed PokerStars from entering the market since they were illegally operating in the US previously. The BBB does track international companies, however, and although it has not accredited or rated PokerStars, it does have a file for the company in nearly every state. Dude we don' t want all action all the time, thats stupid, we want real legit poker. My win rate would be less than 0. Passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. I lost around 80% of my matter how I played I lost on average around 80%. The ONLY place this DOESN' T HAPPEN is at PokerStars. Flush wins, royal wins etc. Others experienced the same thing later in nlh also, known as " i will sit out here just to see you to donk the next 2- outer on the turn). We believe that all of these poor decisions stemmed from the fact that PokerStars decided to break US law by continuing to offer their services to cause PokerStars broke US law, they had to pay huge fines to the US Department of Justice. Something is veery wrong DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The book is your best bet in my opinion. I' m still waiting Pretty s their survival Same advice applies. Keep in mind that PokerStars has no incentive to rig poker games outside of sponsored play. I would like to believe its lack of knowledge and sql injectors taking advantage of the sites poor software. Many will say this is the way it is and it' s less likely to make profit from a single tournament or two, but mate I know what is a bad beat I also know what is a scam, a berry on the river is okay, but all day long every single all in situation to end up beaten. By Gary Gustafson on PokerStars Review.

I also know when there is no way possible for me to win, no matter what cards I is obvious that it is programmed that way to make you feel like you can' t lose and will eventually switch to the real money games. For partners that have been sending PokerStars traffic for over a decade, built up a sizable database of players, and developed those players, will lose 90- 95% of their marketing revenues. Pokerstars com h c. The games I play are.
I could spend a bunch of time writing all my statistical analysis here, but there is no point. I would love to find another site that I could feel confident in its honesty. By ADRIAN PAUL on PokerStars Review. If you do business on the Internet or play online poker, you simply can’ t trust Amaya. The problem is it' s just easier to think: Oh, but it must be rigged how else could someone like ME possibly lose.
That is like impossible EXCEPT Pokerstars. I have played at EVERY poker site. Therefore, PokerStars has motivation, and the company has chosen to ignore rather than dispute the video evidence. I sometimes play like 30 for 1 hour straight 🙂 8. Thats the truth of true s boring 95% of a real casino live game, thats ok, but online thats the death of the a real live game it happens alll the time that you have to fold 90% of your cards. Pretty sure it' s rigged.
I only play the play money games and they are most definitely fixed so there is no way I would play with real money. It' s gunna happen Been playing on P. Luckily ( and just to make the point I' m not just some poor loser) it wasn' t always me that came up on the losing end of these situations, but it did certainly catch my attention how often it seemed to happen compared to anywhere else ( specifically live play). ) Hadsup agaist 3 opponents. I dont care what anyone says about it PokerStarsUK is rigged. Pokerstars is dubbed " RIVERSTARS" or " SUCKOUTSTARS" for good reason. As for " prove it", very simple, " You prove it isn' t".

That was the most important thing in my mind all day. On May 1,, PokerStars sent an email to its online marketing partners drastically changing the terms of their agreements, causing significant damage to all of their Internet partners for their own benefit. 5% percent mentioned in article are true, they introduced it 2 years ago without telling. I tried pokerstars some years ago made some statistical analysis and concluded that the site was rigged. A few people were going mad claimimg that dream catcher was rigged and the women was just changing the subject. Here is the result: REAL ROYAL FLUSH: 0 ONLINE ROYAL FLUSH: 3 REAL QUAD: 7 ONLINE QUAD: 27 REAL STRAIGHT FLUSH: 4 ONLINE STRAIGHT FLUSH: 16 Now i am talking about my hands and not how many times i saw it played on my table. And it' s not just the size of the country.
Hit an Ace on the flop after capping it preflop and yet some moron has still followed you to that stage with J7o or 69o and ALWAYS makes his MIRACLE on the TURN and ually, it' s a Russian. Games proceed one after another in a machine- style hesitating or strategizing can be discerned. Until river gives a 5 lol. Bad players make it out on turn on river and I never do. By Francisco Soares on PokerStars Review. Stars since early ’ s, have been dealt more hands then I can count ( definitely millions) due to multi tables of play.

Right then and there I should have left the table. I have never come across a bad sucker - in all those games, everybody was behaving the same - super tight and fairly clear game. What they DON' T SAY is how many bots or players have CRACKED that deal and KNOW what cards are COMING. Lets say that you play tournament 500 players online vs the same one in some poker room. First month maybe I was telling myself it' s normal to have bad beats it' s part of the game, I am new in tournaments etc. I' ve read many reviews here and they' re nonsense. By robert smith on PokerStars Review.

Basically everywhere. The thing that most people dont realize that poker is still a gamble, and you are always gonna be confronted with a bad beat/ things not running well for you. I' ve played poker offline and on, but I' ve never seen such absurd hands in such frequent succession. If you win a big tournament, what prevents PokerStars from immediately changing their terms to not pay you out. Is Betfair Legit or Rigged. I won at EVERY OTHER SITE, EXCEPT PS. I had to wait 8hrs before they would give me another stack. Flop: 9J4 I raced from button ( again doesnt matter how much) 1 player allin I called. Which means he hits a full house and knocks me out. This was true prior to the UIGEA, and it is true even now in the states where the brand has a legal presence.

Favorite to win on turn or flop, you go all in, and you lose and it happens way to often and running 4 years under EV prove it. Stars is very consistent in what they do, Note: it just may be due to ( this is just my supposition, no physical proof, but it makes sense) They could be using scripts to guarantee specific outcomes against some individuals. Although user names were stripped, hand logs are publicly available, and it is possible to associate individual players with the released data. And that is what it is about. And he show up ROYAL. By MacGrubs on PokerStars Review. Pokerstars com h c.

Wow, reading the comments here is just laughable. Player showed AA I w you could say it can happen. Firstly, I would like to say that poker as a game is as gay as it gets, were you can get f* * * ed at any time. Pokerstars com h c.

By James on PokerStars Review. The biggest online poker site in the world at the time, PartyPoker, immediately accepted and followed this new US law, and left the USA market. Playing real money no limit hold- em on pokerstars, over the course of almost 2, 000, 000 hands, I got pocket aces all- in, pre- flop, vs a single opponent 934 times. This act made it illegal for PokerStars to accept US players and illegal for US banks to process payments related to online poker. I' m not the best either. How can I win at EVERY other site but NOT at Pokerstars.

There is a lot of comments and articles considering different statistics and amount of data one needs to have available to be able to say thay game is fixed. The game is impossible to analyze 2. By Sean kalaki on PokerStars Review. Another tournament ak vs j7. Overall the whole feeling is like I am not playing against humans 3. Study the game read books, watch pokerhands, buy a pokerprogram( HUD) then you know what you' re doing and why you' re doing it.

Quite a few hands down the road, he loses a big hand and I see this as reassurance that the game might not be ' s just me and this guy that see the flop. That is for reason WHY they game is fixed. How they help the small stack fish. The nature of online play, however, is that it is more difficult for a pro player to be consistently successful.
Account closed, no reason Frozen account without notification. I' ve played a LOT of poker - online and live. Because, so far, the overwhelming evidence detailing rigged plays has been ignored totally by them. Surely I was all in at a point and I lost. How the hell does THAT happen. I can say that in ten years i can surely compare amount of hands played within last 4 years.

PokerStars has a different distribution pattern than playing a live game I could play 100 or more pocket pairs without catching a set while running at the same time into 25 sets It rarely has “ high hands” like straight flushes or quads which are faitrly common in live games And the number of hands played per hour is significantly higher online The distribution pattern is definitely different than at live games So the awkwardness and skewed distribution can only be explained by either 1- pokerstars does not have a “ random “ distribution which means that the “ shuffler” is defective ( improbable ) 2- pokerstars is rigged from within 3- pokerstars is being hacked for there is a lot of money to be made by hacking pokerstars A simple trick would be to place 2 or 3 players on every cash table ( in different countries with fake accounts ) controled by a computer that could analyze the hole cards of 3 players out of six and make decisions based on the inside information. I' m not going to go into every hand, there' s too many but I will say that I' m a very solid online poker player, my patience, discipline and decision- making are very good. I Cannot stand online poker anymore, Were their is money to made, You can be 100% sure their is fraud going along with it.

By Playdoh on PokerStars Review. Poker Stars will never be allowed to operate in the 50 United States as Washington state as dropped out and I am sure others will follow. And I have some idea than low vpipv get punished. Poker Stars is I' d have to agree now RIGGED, I could go on & on & on with other bad beats that seem to repeat. They KNOW it' s coming - there' s NO OTHER LOGIC to their ridiculous NORMAL POKER- PLAYING PERSON makes those calls unless THEY KNOW they' re winning before you know what cards are shown.

Who is to say they dont have a few selected bots as poeple that play all the big tourneys for them. 5% foreign currency transaction fee when depositing or withdrawing funds into PokerStars. I continuously see 5 or more players all in ALL holding face cards. By Too Legit to Quit. Chan on PokerStars Review I will survive 😀. Anybody that actually uses their own money to play on Poker Stars is being played for a fool, it is a computer generated program that is programmable to do whatever they want it to. Yeah, it' s completely beyond the realms of reality to even suggest that something maybe off with them.

I figured it was years ago I last played there, maybe it' s not as bad as my memory is telling me. He accrued thousands of points to get these entrants but NEVER made the money in ANY of them. By Björn on PokerStars Review. Directors of the company took money directly from players’ accounts and purchased homes, cars, jewelry, and more.

Just in this tournament ' bronze star' I flopped AA and was near button and had to call an all in so I did the guy had 66 Flop A6k, J, 6 he had a four of kind on river and my full house fot beat. 3 small tourneys in a row today. This involves late registration into certain tournaments" If playing within the rules of the game is a violation of the TOS that means that Pokerstars is no longer a legitimate poker site. If you directly deposit into USD, 2. Yet I also never deposited very much. By Gary on PokerStars Review. I have been playing poker for 20 yrs and Jokerstars is corrupt. They ignore my emails, and efforts to contact the gaming commission have done nothing as of t even a reply from them warned, I' m not alone, and this is happening at an increasing rate.

Pokerstars cannot be trusted PokerStars Review. Quads, straight flushes, etc Leave Us Your Opinion. There are so many people from Russia. Even know it can be slow, i want people folding all the time like real s how the game is played and truthfully if you don' t like that you should not be playing poker.

And 2 times runner runner QQ. Full Tilt Poker is a Scam. I know the email got delivered, but I never received a is astounding how they have NEVER responded properly to the enquiries that specifically relate to their deal/ outcomes. Well it seems even worse now,,, its like I am playing a machine not other people. Thats the action that this software creates. When it does happen it' s not because it' s ' s because it' s inevitable. Id love to table up with that punk Negrano,, looser.

After 250k hand in 2- 3 mounts I recognice a pattern what happend. Let' s face it - why else would you call 72o on a CAPPED PRE FLOP to a PREFLOP RAISER qith AK / AA if you didn' t have confidence in what was coming. This was just an added tax to increase Amaya’ s bottom line. Play money is fine but don' t fall for their scam.

They never respond to any claims made, would be pretty simple. However, it' s beautiful how they manage to get you losing in a tourney where you play good and cause they know they can' t make put your money in the pot for nothing they will deal you 99, you will hit a flop like 9 7 3, so obviously you bet and the guy next to you goes all in. They at pokerstars have to create action or 95% of players would quit the next day, because of the " boring" play. A lot of the hands are setup for a max bet so that the rake is maxed ading many articles on Poker Stars reveals that they have a random card generator, but again, we think they only use it for the one day a year they are audited. In addition, VIP rewards are earned based on the amount staked not the amount won or lost. For some, this data was evidence that PokerStars was rigging standard games or at least that the dealer mechanism was not random. This shit is ridiculous, you need to play a certain amount of tournaments just to get to the bubble so you can get at least what you got in with, also watching this so called pro streamers, so I could become better.

PokerStars was forced to leave the US market at this time. If PokerStars is willing to do this to their business partners, then what are they willing to do to their players. There are not bad suckers, depends on what you play above 50 dollars you' ll be the fish for them and they' ll come to play against pends on where you look, i can almost find all the players at sharkscope, or pokerprolabs you can see everything there. Another big tourney but this was near the start. Then i' ll go after your points 1 by 1 and hope you' ll understand that poker is rather a game of skill and luck combined. Whilst heads up I hit a straight on the turn and went all in. I believe this article is well written, but it is lacking w, I have been analysing and compiling my own data, and i got to say, things look pretty unbelievable.

Yet, if you raise this with PS, they just say over and over how certificated they are. By fernando oliveira on PokerStars Review. How many of you have bankroll. I read the comments here and just the same thing happend me. And how hard would it be for them make an algorithm to do this periodically, and then shut it down when audited. I play live poker at a high level winning thousands and I will never put another penny into online ' s a scam and it' s rigged. I' ve wondered for a while, but after tonight I' m 90% sure some players are able to cheat.

Just simply put, all aspects of either side of the argument aside, I personally find it a lot harder to believe that something isn' t going on with that site than believe it' s all hunky dory and I' m just somehow one of the most unlucky players to ever use their site. I have played 3 tournaments at the same time. Then he only hits two pair on the flop. By Tyler on PokerStars Review.
I have played livegames for 10 YRS and I am a winning player live. By vidmantukas on PokerStars Review. I have never come across anything like Pokerstars in all of my life. Nevertheless, there is incentive to be even more profitable in a highly competitive market, and PokerStars would not be the first online gambling service to increase profits by exploiting consumers.

My goodness did they have the softest games on the net. By Play Money Guy on PokerStars Review. Unplayable since Amaya on PokerStars and several others Do not play bably not too hard 5 hours following patterns. I' ve also noticed that when I would deposit, I would initially win a few good hands, but then the same old same old would start to happen and invariably my stack would s time for the government to investigate Pokerstars so the suspicions of so many people, the fact Pokerstars avoids any accountability and the video evidence of games that are so blatantly rigged or hacked comes out and they end up having to refund the real genuine players. He was a real psychic. Going every hand all- in pre flop had one fold, and 4 calls. Once I was playing a tourney of aprox 1300 people and in the first 10 min I had huge hands and very good pots to make around 60K while the average stack was 3500.

If you want to be professional you have to behave like professional. Playing the very same table I happened to see within period of aprox. I' m not a big player just like to enter tournaments up to $ 20 or so. Turn around to today when NL is bigger than Limit and Stars isn' t the titan it used to be. I' ve lost count of the amount of times I' ve lost AA or KK to a low tow pair with the other players going all in with something crazy like a 3 and a 7 and - OMG they get two pair or a straight, or a flush or a s happened soooooo many times than now I actually bet myself I will loose a higher hand and nearly 100% of the time I do. As a Poker Pro said, he was able to beat 1000' s of people in a FREEROLL on Full Tilt to gain entry into PS tourneys, but NEVER WON - this was a PRO. I was as shocked and excited as anyone who has ever reached the final table let alone come second.
Someone else noted here, that you have AA. I always seem to lose the last card that comes out when i have good cards before it, ive never withdraw anything but Im sure the other accounts i made pissed them off because they kept emailing me saying I made other accounts I just forgot the logins most the tims and this time I wantes a cooler name. Unfortunately on Stars any decision is apparently the wrong one, I get screwed so often it just cannot possibly be normal. I have been with Poker Stars for 7 years in November. " We are contacting you due to an investigation we launched in regards to stalling in our tournaments. UNREAL BEATS beyond belief and REPEAT incidents- Seemingly impossible coincidences. Rather, I tell you about some really weird stuff I can' t understand - all of it leads me to the belief that pokerstars is rigged or something is really wrong with it ( or people are hacking it, I don' t know).

By Mike on PokerStars Review. 7 Years and Still Losing. Pokerstars com h c.

Email from PokerStars Is PokerStars Rigged. I could believe that this could happen. 25 with 90 players, so the damage is minor. What a load of bollox. I could also mention limit holdem heads up, it used to work like a rubber band that when you went up, you were pulled double that down. Marketing partners of PokerStars had an agreement – that they would receive a certain percentage of the revenues that PokerStars earned off players referred by that partner.

I have been losing like this in up to 20 tourneys per 2 hours in a day. By Prerit kumar on PokerStars Review. In the end, there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding rigged games and rigged decks, but overall it’ s difficult to believe that PokerStars would actually fix the deck or the dealing of cards. WE can sit and play together and discuss. This is NOT an exaggeration; there are thousands of games in which I had played that this had occurred. I want to talk with a person that says this shit is random. How about the fact that the recent pokerstars update that was mandatory rendered it impossible to contact their support team.

You can avoid it if you deposit in native currency first and then through the menu convert to USD. It is not possible to win at stars. The company is located in the Isle of Man and acquired a European Union gambling license through Malta. I left it alone for 2 years and recently added 10 dollars to my account.

I asked them for an interview. And that revenue share plan would persist for the life of the player. My hand: KK I raced from big blind ( for this example doesnt matter how much) 1 player called. I was bored, so I took a look at one alleged player at pokerstars, supposedly from Russia, sega1989. Well its 3: 30am in the UK on a Wednesday morning and I have just checked my bank account and all I can say is ' Thank you Pokerstars. Yet, Pokerstars continually says their software is validated for a " fair deal". Poker is a good but harsh teacher. Playing withing the rules is a TOS.

I was dealt 10 clubs and 4 diamonds 4 times in a row. Most people are playing on many tables, dont even have the chat open and if they have most people won' t answer. There' s a ton of places to get information and learn, there is no excuse to not to try to understand why you are losing with all the information on the topic that is out there. By Geoff on PokerStars Review.
By Moi on PokerStars Review. Luck is part of the game, other part of your game is your skills and patients. I even said something in the chat but no one else left so I thought I' d see how things went. 8% and they have multiple chip sales every week. Another example is a 30k bounty builder. Lets dont talk about AA, KK, QQ things but about action hands within one table and one tournament. Player showed AA I lost Now this can happend. By ivo on PokerStars Review. By Ivo on PokerStars Review. I really dont know about tbis site man im feeling taking my money to pokerstars because im putting quite abit of cash into it and I dont think they' re worthy of anyones cash. At pokerstars hahahah, its the opposite. I can tell after 3 rounds on the table ( 9 player/ 27 hands) if I am going to have a good day or not. Is PokerStars a Scam or Legit. Stars is reliable on game outcomes.
I am clearly and god and savior to the game of Hold' em. By Eskimo on PokerStars Review. Okay guys here' s my view. The truth is earning money and saving it, is the only way to get ahead in life. I had left because it was so hard to get a hand at emed impossible the hands that come up and beat me are such rare occasions. He is 1st and I am 2nd. I think the game is rigged for bad players, to increase the volume of the same money going into rake.

I am sure there are superusers grinding for the house. My hand: AKs I raced from button ( for this example doesnt matter how much) 1 player called. Pokerstars rigged Daily Fantasy Sports Fixed games for sure. Is FanDuel Legit or a Scam. You pay of course because who in the right mind will fold and you see how the guy is being dealt runner runner colors. I am being dealt KK and he is was dealt AA. PokerStars, however, disregarded the US government and continued to operate in the US. Yes it can but i saw this on other two tables with other players within same period of time and same tournaments.

I' ve played Spin and Go for a while and more and more I realise that even if I was not an average player I would still win more hands than I do, especially when I have two cards that are better than what I see the other players eventually have. However I survived the beat and had chips left but got knocked out on the 9th pos. Then he folds a few, goes all in preflop once again and takes the blinds.

Although the company started as a play- money service only, the focus has been on real- money poker for more than a decade. Why would you do that. I do not often make a wrong decision and I call out the plethora of idiots that are obsessed with overplaying their hand on a regular basis. Law and is not regulated. Full House being beat by a better full House.

Again, this is another tax added to increase Amaya’ s bottom line at the expense of the customer base. What I can' t accept is that if you want to blame it on variance then where the f* * * ing hell is my upswing. So they study the game real hard and start playing, most of them are dangerous and good. Anytime there' s Russians, it feels like I am playing some computer bots. The tourneys, you can watch any tourney as well as play them and you will see it is " gay. A much bigger concern of whether PokerStars games are rigged is whether the company is actually cheating players out of winnings.

Is Bet365 Legit or a Scam. I thinked: I play some cash. Bad beats happen, but theory of large numbers works out in the Pokerstars, it just doesn' t. How were your experiences with PokerStars. Amaya does not care about the players or the business partners of PokerStars. I had a situation after 4 h of playing to raise under the gun with AA and the guy on the button with half the stack not pressed by the blind or something decides to go all in with 89 off and hits 882 on flop. I thought I should try it again just for fun. 10 clubs and 4 diamonds 4 TIMES IN A ROW. I never looked into PokerStars prior to using it because I just trusted that a big name like PokerStars would be legit and trustworthy. Stars lol I no longer deposit on their site, will only play free rolls, but now the bad beats are increasing as of the past month or so. Rigged for sure - here is why. I have WON at ALL of them. Pocket aces - win no limit hold- em, pocket aces, vs a single opponent, should have a win rate of 84%.
Poker is a high volume game, the rake is high so you' ve to play more tables a time all the time, no time to b 5 years ago, 10 years ago you played with 8 fish and 2 good players now 8- 10 players are good, and the other 2 most of the time are not even bad. Am I rating the review or pokerstars lol its 5 stars for the review haha. I looked on line and it states that it will take 3 to 10 days after clearance from Pokerstars. PokerStars turns a profit on every real- money player no matter how much he or she wins. I' ve had an account with Pokerstars for ten plus years, never had an issue.

I found this website wondering has anyone else experienced the seemingly impossible kind of bad beats I have and this website reassures me it' s not just me. The fact that getting 4 of a kind is infinitesimally small and he hit two in 6 hands is just ridiculous. AND POKERSTARS MADE THIS RULING RETROACTIVE. ( which is also why i hate hyper turbo games, the blinds were not meant to go up that fast. Something else they do as well ( maybe it is part of the ' fairness' or ' faire chances' plrs get, not sure what they call it) but they always put you on a table with stack that are your size. OK, that is rare but I guess it happens. What this means is that marketing partners that have been supporting and promoting PokerStars for years and years will lose all revenues from those players. The seemingly impossible unreal ( REPEAT) bad beets include hitting QUADS and someone pulling out a Straight Flush or Royal Flush somehow on the river somehow GEEZZ gimme a break and they push and shove all in on a miracle prayer getting the only 1 card that could ever save them. Is DraftKings Legit or a Scam. Hand2: MY 00 against 55. Pokerstars com h c. Many spades here I thinked. By palmolive on PokerStars Review.

But in the long run u loose u money and have to do a new deposite. I entered and won my first live tourney. But what I can attest to is this, P. I hate the people that treat you like some sort of conspiracy nut if you dare to question the integrity of a multi- million dollar company that has already broken U. You have to be prepared for bad beats, bed runs and so. Hand 1: AA vs TQo. So you wont lose everything at once after a losing session. ) There' s not much else to do once you have a ton of play money though.
Without such a software that creates artificially action, online poker would die in a week. How is that even possible. He ends up with 4 of a kind. Odds of that happening on 3 consecutive hands in diff tourneys have to be off the charts. I cant belive how many badbets happend online and at st day in 2 tournments AK VS AQ on the flopp.

I had 5x bigger stack then player so we keep playing. Get 3 times within period of 50 hands on 3 different tables 4 same cards on flop to get best hand - no w as for Quads, Flush, etc. By potcareker on PokerStars s all about the random generator, which ofcourse can and is programmed in a certain way, just like in slot machines. I also notice that they are having trouble getting 50, 000 people at any given time. 95% of plaayers at pokerstars are not poker players, 95% have never plaayed poker in a real live casino, from those 95%, if they would play in a live casino, would stop playing poker the next cause there is no action. You are constantly given cards to entice you into the pot and draws to is impossible that they are randomly giving out cards. I win everywhere else, except STARS.

And someones gonna tell me its just a bad beat. Charged my card, never credited my accoint. And that is where i am going with my theory. I have been playing poker for 10 years now and online for last 4 years. Spare you the details, but ended up all in before the flop an each one. Eventually as long as you keep playing. " Keep in mind that PokerStars has no incentive to rig poker games outside of sponsored play" On the contrary poker stars has a huge incentive to rig play money games, if a novice consistently wins on free play they are liable to believe that winning at poker is simple, betting on total shit like 3/ 4 off suit that anybody with any sense would fold only to see a straight, trips or even 4 of a kind come up over and over again, often beating Aces, Kings etc will lead the novice into believing he can win equally well on the real money tables, which WILL NOT HAPPEN, the only winner is Poker Stars.

Move in with 10 3 against aa and hit straight. Better still, Pokerstars, you get enough complaints about this, you take our money, you prove it. My quess is that pokerstars have, for a online poker site, the best creates ACTION, more than on other online sites, but ofcourse 90% less than in a live casino poker game. I' ve seen Russian players call 72o to a capped PREFLOP and FLOP and still catch 7 and a 2 on the turn and river.
I hope he has flush. Amaya Only Cares About Its Bottom Line. I guess 10% of millions bet is not enough,, and ya. The worse of all is that they always do it not in the beginning in some small tourney but in a decisive moments against stacks that can cripple you. My hand: J9s I raced from button ( for this example doesnt matter how much) 1 player called. When compared to real poker, there are just way too many unbelievable events that any case, if you like poker, my suggestion is to go play it for real, and not give money to scam sites.
There is of course always the idiot excuse as well. Most weirdly, in the last 10 hours and hundreds of hundreds of games, I didn' t see a game where 3 or 4 people would fight it out. Limit holdem was then the games and I went up to 1- 2 till finally some day I couldn' t win anymore ( a statistical impossibility in those games), and at that time there was some 80% preflop fish that was the reason why the best player on the table was losing. I' m 22 now playing for ten years or so, of course I first started playing with friends, I was winning as a kid and kinda fall in love with the game, not because I was winning I mean it' s a plus if you win but it' s like luck and math altogether I just loved it always tried to find places to w tournaments is a different thing, 2 months ago I decided that it' s time to start raising my tournament knowledge, and where should I go if not the good old PS. Played for almost 1 year being a winning player at low stakes, not much but enough to make me happy withdraw money go on a downswing withdraw money go on a downswing withdraw money go on a downswing withdraw money go on a downswing get 3 out´ ed every single time ship it on the flop 80% to win and i know im still an underdog by the ammount of beats i take daily where 80% isnt enough and the variance seems like x10 on this shit site 4 times i withdrawed money looking at my graph e see all my big downswings happen after that i guess they don´ t like people taking money from the site its ok fuck them ill take my business elsewhere. By John Haefele on PokerStars Review. I have completely no recollection of his play as his play was machine- like, totally without any flavor.

And by only doing it periodically it would be alot easier to deny or just claim the loser was just on tilt and looking for excuses. I' ve never had to buy play money chips and I' ve worked my play money bankroll into the million dollar stakes( which almost never run anymore. My actual results were 602 wins, for an actual win rate of 64%. Flop: KAA I checked ( again doesnt matter how much) 1 player allin I called. Associating with the owners – the Scheinbergs – prevented PokerStars from entering US markets, which eventually led to the sale of PokerStars to Amaya. Tournments are unreal Too many bad beats. But I strongly think its fraud, with mass advertising promoting you have a shot of quick money. But have never been in a game where the other players would not play like humans - - - I mean I played online poker before with real people, and when I did hatthat, Isaw all the things which people do: chat, complain, have different pace, have their personal quirks, breakdowns etc. I' ve played poker for many many years. We went all in head up. I can relate to a lot of what is said here and one review in particular stood out to me; this person mentions playing every site over the years and winning at them, the only anomaly being Pokerstars.

But no their not racist their willing to fuck over anyone not in their circle. So my conclusion is that YES online poker is seems that it is fixed or balanced the way that game force players to post big bets and run tournament faster ahead. And the final straw is Amaya’ s destruction of it’ s partnership agreements – changing their compensation from the life of the player to two years is utterly devastating to their list of long- established and trusted marketing partners. Just to see whats up,, and assure my self I was not imagining things.

Oh and on the review Stars is ok, but Amaya will probably run it into the ground. Prior to the seizure, PokerStars could not legally provide service to U. Difficult ha ha 🙂 Pokestars is a SCAM. I completely understand that, in poker, at times even 2 7 offsuit can destroy pair A A. Last Sunday I played in a $ 5 buy in as usual and thought nothing of it to be honest except another quick game of poker to past the time, however I finished 2nd and cashed out $ 2200.

And this is the last tourney I won before finally closing my acount with stars due to opponents hand winning out of nowhere specially when its a big pot. This happenes in real life in so many hands at least a few times. To this day, countless players and business partners are owed money from Full Tilt. Moreover, I come from a tiny country, but people who are sitting on the same table from my country don' t chat back to me.
So is the real money games, again you' re just real life I' ve lost with everything will eventually happen and every possible scenario will play out. 5k and lost sbout 4- 4. I play poker - For more than fifteen years. BAMMM, river card splits the pot, each player gets less then their $ 250, and the robbery is complete. My guess is their trying to recover some ad their terms of service closely. Rakes were increased on cash games, mtt’ s, sit- n- go’ s. Love this losing players complaining.

At pokerstars, anybody that plays there frequently, you know that there are no loosing cards. I know that sounds harsh, but it' s the riously just look up some strategy on NL/ Limit online or read a book. I run bad as well, but you need only one day to turn it all around. Ok, this is looking really good. By D Casey on PokerStars Review.

Pokerstars com h c. What really got my attention though is how often one of my opponents got a pocket pair whenever I had one ( or some else at the table had one). By Gunnersfan on PokerStars Review. He gets 4 of a kind again. I' ve played online for full time for the last 3 years, i play high volume like 10- 12 tables 8 hours a day.
Nearly always winning when he was the dog. Here it' s alwasy you or other two people, never more. But there seem to be way too many stories like mine to be just random coincidence, and I don' t trust them at all ' s starting to look like ALL the players on the PokerStars site are the fish, no matter what do level. Now the next thing pops in my mind. So everyone folds and he takes the blinds. Where are the poker rooms with a 1000 tables full of action LOL al time live poker is a BORING game 90% of time played. Is William Hill Legit or Rigged.

The most egregious act destroying any remaining goodwill PokerStars may have had came very recently. And hit 4outer strait on river. PokerStars did react to this story by providing these studies with more comprehensive data sets to work doing so, PokerStars breached the privacy contract with its players. Two pretty simple responses to this that seem to fall on deaf ears. Straight on the river, full house on the river, flush on the river. They have a decent amount of competition now though so who knows which site will come out on top.
On free play why do you have to wait a long time to play after you have lost one stack. I heard one guy read a comment about it being rigged but near the end he went quiet lile he was being told off down an ear piece orr something. But it wil never stop. If you wanna tell me I can' t say something is up then show me your proof there isn' t something untoward going on.
By Lee on PokerStars Review. So I' m thinking oh s gonna drag on and I might not even get the money. Yes, their deal may be certified, but they never state how many people - most notably the Russians - have cracked that deal and can " see" the cards. I have played PS since it started business. Since Amaya bought Poker Stars a few years ago I have noticed many changes, all for the all mighty dollar. He put me all in as a bluff.

Win AK vs AA, win A9 vs AK all the time, never losing when he was ahead in preflop allins. A quick search online will reveal a sharp increase in the last several years of players making complaints about having their accounts seized, bankrolls reduced when making a withdrawal, withdrawals refused, bonuses voided for no reason and so forth. That' s terriable it' s not real s either SQL injections, or fraud being committed by the ceos. Anyway how good hands u got. " The way the tourneys differ from 888Poker' s ( 50c tourneys or above as the below tend to be heavily gay) is that at 888 one loses more than fair share of the time to a mere kicker ( one has AQ the other has AJ, or whatever case) but it was still playable compared to stars that is way more gay, and it also stacks situations preflop. By hans on PokerStars Review.

It' s not some individual hands, it happened today ffs. By M on PokerStars Review. By bk on PokerStars Review. PokerStars had a strong reputation ten years ago, but that all began to change in late when the U. Anyway I was still over joyed with winning $ 2200. How peculiar is that com and fulltiltpoker. Play money was at the same time legit, till I mentioned it at 2+ 2. 18 months ago i made a $ 200 deposit with my debit card and they started asking me for all sorts of documentation, which i provided.

I run a video production company and wrote to Pokerstars asking them to an interview to answer the questions of whether or not it was rigged etc. Omaha instead of Holdem, you will hit the board extremly often, after a few weeks bad bets increase very much ( PS thinks, oh a new field of getting money, let him get the feeling of success also in this kind of poker, than we will press the money out of him) d) When you make one day ( or more) break after a serie of bad beats, you will cash 100% ( if not playing crazy) by next log in ( PS thinks, he is going to stop poker playing, we have to keep him motivated). Im sure you have better odds of winning the powerball twice in a row, get hit by lightning 7 times in an hour and become president of the us than getting the exact same hole cards 4 hands in a row. I spend an entire weekend a few weeks ago tracking every hand, what I had, and how I won or lost and the above was shown to be so true.

But I do have to point out some of my most interesting findings: 1. By SuperElite93 on PokerStars Review. 5 so - 1000 loss, you cant say I am a bad players because I did win tourneys even got 1st place on $ 11 4k prizepool and more wins. Or any whhere else on this planet. The clues in the name pal, " variance", that' s some very peculiar variance where it' s only one way. The revenues that PokerStars earns is based on the total pot no matter who wins it.

My Bad Beats for today include someone raising $ 450 USD pre- flop and me holding AA - I decide to just call - The flop comes off AKK - They then shove the rest of their stack in $ 3, 200 USD roughly and I call - they have 33 - It puts a smile on my face at first until I see 33 come out on the turn and river giving him quads. Overall, I am not sure how it' s possible technically but I am pretty sure I was not playing humans on pokerstars. So thank you again Pokerstars. The two main arguments you hear from those people are " variance" and " prove it", " if you' re gonna make those claims then you have to prove it". Next hand all in; this time someone calls. After reading up on PokerStars, I will no longer be using the site. Is a company that committed grand scale fraud, and has policies that enable them to steal accounts where you want to put your money at.
Assuming the data is reliable, what might the explanation be for a variance of this magnitude. I happen to know a thing or two about Microsoft software flaws, and I can honestly say their is either a group of kgb hackers, taking peoples money through sql injections, or this site is running a international scam that only favors those who are in on the scam. Watch, again and again completely improbable beats in favour of the chip leaders - losers head to another tourney and another buy in. That pertains to style of play as well - everybody is super tight when I have a good hand, but suddenly they are able to go out on a limb when they have a real reason to throw their hands away - funnily enough, it always works out for them by some small margin.

I have been looking for a new site for a while but I dont want to play partypoker because all their sit and go' s are turbo or hyper or hyper turbo and I want just standard. Anyways I get a reply stating that during a random security screening, my account was selected and didn' t pass reason as to why, just a BS excuse to keep my money. But you never is worth noting that there were at least two independent analyses of the PokerStars dealer mechanism that presented data outside the norm.
On April 20, the domain names were returned for the purpose of helping to facilitate the withdrawal of US players’ funds. Player showed 99 I lost. I play OK poker, MY vpvp is around 18- 19. They dismiss it by explaining how you just got the short stick today but if we analyze 1 mil hands in period of 1 month then the math will prevail. Is DraftDay Legit or Epic Casino & Sports Betting.

And this new change of ownership has led to the issues we see today. Ok, variance exists, it happens and I can accept that. How often does one get AA in a live poker game in a casino. By Grape Ape on PokerStars Review. The pokerstars inside player was playing 23 games at the same joke, 23 games at the same time. On May 1,, PokerStars unilaterally changed the terms to only compensate their marketing partners for only two years. I have screenshots of bad beats ( as the critics call it) where I' m being reraised preflop holding jj and they hit 2 pairs on the flip holding cards like 10, 4 off suit. By Jay on PokerStars Review.

As for amount of data I disagree because what you really need is to compare the online game with regular one and look for patterns. You can tell there' s a person on the other side. Today I received a threatening email from says that registering at the last min in tournaments and trying to make the money is against the TOS and that if i continue to do it my account will be closed. Im not a math guy, but that seems pretty damn wasn' t just at the same tourney, or same table. Does it really exist anyone on this planet that thinks this garbage is random. HOW did that possibly happen and how does it REPEAT - This is the 2nd time it' s occurred to me but the next time I had quad Q' s and they hit ROYAL FLUSH e on folks - this is just a beginning but what are the odds of this even happening to me in a lifetime twice in such a fashion. Also to the people complaining about losing and complaining about losing even in Play Money games: If you can' t beat Play Money on Pokerstars you are just ' s so beyond incredibly easy to beat these players. Sure wouldn' t have to face reality then, huh. This is based on several hundred hands with these specific odds, which make it pretty much beyond doubt that it is not a coinsidence. 3 people we in the pot and we all had flush and that too on the flop so there were 6 hearts already dealt to players and 3 more got flopped do thats 9 hearts of 13 already out, who knows what the other players had Now please realize, I know things can be random and I do know when its random but you will know when its a setup too.

Well let me put this way. PS had to pay some $ 700 million in settlements with the USA, for fraud. They don' t talk or say fuck off or nothing. I recently have been back to regular playing again thanks to a change in circumstances and I ended up at Stars because their range of tournaments is second to none by a long shot, it' s the main site, simple as that. Basically, this is a breach of contract and PokerStars is more than willing to completely screw their partners.
Pokerstars com h c. How many of you played 300 mmt and not reached final table. I had made the few last tables and went all in After I made my flush on the turn and got called but a three of a kind but on the river he hits a full house. Poker has different dynamics depending on how big the blinds are. Admittedly, there is some compelling video evidence on YouTube of sponsored PokerStars players beating the odds on multiple occasions during a number of big events.

90% of the game is full of action. I have played thousands and thousands of online, and real poker hands. Is Carbon Poker Legit or a Scam.

PokerStars spends a lot of money on its sponsorships, and it behooves the brand to have these professional players be successful. Whether a bot or a real person I' m uncertain, left instantly after winning nearly all the cash I had left in my felt like a SETUP - what are the odds of that. There were runs when one ran normally, so it wasn' t bad all the time. Do proper BRM make sure you got at leastbuy ins for the stake that you are playing.
– in Nevada and New Jersey – which had legalized online gambling. Aint gonna happen Mathematically this is bizarre. The guy called me with a pair of sixes and end up hitting a 4 for a bigger straight. An ALL- IN for $ 250, that' s been called, is $ 500. Unreal Bad Beats on Poker Stars. There are many more times some seedy stuff has happened.

PokerStars has been in business for over 15 years. So its more tough to make money in the long s just poker and happens all the time, more often you win the hands 😉 4. A random generator works diffeently in a keno machine than in a slot with bonus w to poker stars, or other poker sites online. Even worse having hitting quad K' s and someone pulling out a ROYAL FLUSH ON ME on the river - say what. The other bad bets experienced are me on the opposite side having 44 and the flop coming up 544 hitting quads and someone pushing all in with 55 - Yep you can guess it river is a 5 - quads over quads. Well I guess it' s bound to happen. PokerStars does not want money leaving the system, so players that earn profits and routinely withdraw cash from the site are not good for the fact, PokerStars purchased Full Tilt Poker and continues to manage and operate this brand – a brand that is synonymous with the term ponzi scheme. I have been playing for a few years and I now know at what time of the day they will let me win, in fact almost guarantee I will win, no matter what cards I get.

Still looking for another site to play on. By Trevor on PokerStars Review. I' m not sure if its Pokerstars that is rigged or if its been hacked - either way its not something you should put any money into. So many ways to get bad beat.

Another point of concern for poker players considering PokerStars is that the company has never received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. By JS on PokerStars one can prove it is a scam, but there are things to consider. PokerStars did not fully satisfy these commitments even though they now own and are responsible for the Full Tilt brand.

Too many think poker Stars has no vested interest in rigging a tournament - wrong. Numerous calls and they just tell me ita under investagation, give us a few dats, a year and a half later and still nothing. Impossible to win Submit your review. We feel this choice started PokerStars down a road of shadiness which leads us to our opinion today – that PokerStars is a scam. 5% and that may be generous on my part. And those who do chat, with them I manage to beat more often than those who never say anthing. By Ad on PokerStars ' s definitely never right in a million years.

When u in loose 70- 90 % favorites around 50- 60 % of the time again and is very very dificult to play poker against human AND sowtware ( and maybye bots as number 3. I have NEVER seen the bad beats, the split pots and the rotten suckouts, you see at pokerstars. Full Tilt Poker had rampant cheating going – and this is a fact.
After a loong downswing at PS I got, again AA and thinked: How mutch will I loose this time: Flopp was AQT spades. The site is sophisticated and you become addicted to it if for no other reason is that you make friends all over the world and enjoy their company. AT Stars, after 250k played hands. They can close your account for any reason they chose, and keep your money. A particular player that I wrote about in my small report suddenly made his statistics unavailable at Sharkscope when I wrote about him. If the dealt cards provoke players to place higher bets, if all blinds raising is set to go faster and PS charge 1 time fee per tournament, isn' t then important for PS owners to run high amount of tournaments at the same time. Which brins me to my next point which is directed at some of the other reviews here. Check this box to confirm you are human. ' Yes you can win and yes they have paid me a lot quicker than expected.

Most Crooked site out there. Flop: 9AK I raced from button ( again doesnt matter how much) 1 player allin I called. Okay so first of all let me start by saying I played my 1st game of poker back in or 10 and just fell in love with the fore this I used to play ' teen patti' with dad as a kid in India so I know a lot about cards. By Dmhirish on PokerStars Review. They will only get compensated for players from the past 2 years. By Flo Kaufman on PokerStars Review. I ve read a lot of reviews from unhappy people and to be honest I was very dubious of the site as I have been playing for only a few months and spent top end hundreds of pounds for the entertainment. I will play poker on future most probably live.

6 hands later, he goes all in and someone calls him again. By Bruce on PokerStars Review. K I had to let that off my chest and share it with the world. THE SAME HOLE CARDS Not all people me cards, same suits Guess what he tter Business Bureau Is PokerStars me player again Who would call that. After neglecting the USA UIEGEA law of, the company reached a settlement with the U. So for you complaining about those bad beats and stuff, learn more, play less hands. If you think the play money is rigged, it isn' t rigged and you are just bad at poker and can' t beat the worst players imaginable. This would be an impossible feat by any human being.

I' ve got a HUD ( pokerprogram) Running all the time when i play a big tournament. I' m at a 1, 000, 000 buy in table, and a guy joins and immediately goes all in. Look man its an online gambling company how much morals do you expect them to have. The way they make you lose cash online is by constantly giving you losing AK against A4, or AQ vs AJ.
And finally: there can' t be winners without losers. My question is which site do you use. Residents, but they continued to for a time because it was profitable and because that law was difficult to enforce with them operating entirely outside the United States. And why does this happen with such a regularity. Even the purest of people are somewhat corrupted and this is like I said an online gambling company. 93% winning hand on turn ends up winning on river 40% of the time. When the pros start saying it stinks, you have to take notice.
Why you are not complaning about euromillion how many of you won it. Over a 5 year period and with multi- conversations with them directly, I have found that when I lose my chips, its in most cases ( 95% ) I lose on the river to the higher stack. PokerStars paid $ 731 million to the US government to settle the charges of bank fraud and evading US restrictions on online poker. Am I actually going to get the money.

Create your own review pokerstars not a scam If you are gonna play on pokerstars( or any pokersite) Make sure you do the right preperations. So I am being placed at a table with this plr who has 62K. Is DragonChain ( DRGN) Legit or Scam. I also notice many other players ( usually in Russia) seem to push every raise when they have the lowest card on the flop they have paired, even if there are face cards out s happening so often as well. And it did this WITHOUT NOTIFYING ANY OF ITS PLAYERS. Sorry, but we have to call it.

According to the above mentioned 84% expected win rate, I should have won 783 of those hands. So if you feel like you are going futz,,, you are not,,, you have no chance. I check, and he goes all in. There are a significant number of complaints on file, and we urge everyone to check with their local BBB to consider local experiences with the PokerStars brand. Pockt pairs vs pockets, straights win, full wins, 4 of akinf wins, str.